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Baby & Toddler Food


Wide choice of healthy meals and healthy snacks for kids

At Holland Boutique we realize getting your toddler to eat right can be tricky. You would want your toddler to eat enough and you want its food to be healthy and not junk. We offer a wide range of easy, healthy and wholesome quality foods and snacks for your child. Make the transition through baby food stages easy. When your baby is ready, you can introduce baby cereal or porridge as well as baby and toddler snacks and juice. We offer baby foods and healthy kids snacks from leading Dutch brands Bambix, Biobim, Bolletje, Liga, Olvarit, Roosvicee and Zonnatura. Nutritious baby and toddler food that have been specifically designed to encourage chewing skills and help to ease the transition to regular food. Your child deserves the best and of the highest quality.

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