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Best of Holland


What You're Going To Love About Us: The Standard

We put a great deal of effort into carefully curating our selection. We do research on the most reputable Dutch brands and establish strong ties with suppliers, stocking only the best products and food from Holland. 

Best Infant Formula

Holland is famous for having the best baby milk powder in the world. Nutrilon, Kabrita, Neolac are famous worldwide. Holland does offer milk powder for adults as well though, like e.g. Two Cows.

Dutch Coffee

Did you know Holland has a long and rich history when it comes to coffee? It originates in the Golden Age of the Dutch, the 17th century, when the Dutch started bringing coffee beans from their newly discovered countries like Indonesia and so on. Many brands, like Douwe Egberts and Simon Levelt, are leading brands with fans all over the world. 

Dutch Licorice

Drop is what the Dutch call it. This specific type of candy, you surely can only find in Holland. 

Dutch Souvenirs

Millions of tourists find their way to Holland every year. And they all fall in love with gifts Holland is famous for, like e.g. cheeseware from Boska. Now you can sit back and relax, browse our online store, place your order, and we will get your desired gifts from Holland delivered to you.  


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We make it easy to shop for your favorite Dutch products with:

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