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Natural Medicines


For a more healthy way of living try using natural health, homeopathy and herbal medicines.

Nearly a century ago A. Vogel, founder of one of the oldest Dutch brands in homeopathy discovered that medicinal plants retained their strength only if they are processed freshly. Based on these findings and experienced, the field of homeopathy or natural medicine evolved. Similarly phytotherapy is modern herbal medicine at its best. In phytotherapy, plant medicines are selected mainly to stimulate or strengthen the body’s normal functions, and so help the body heal itself. Unlike orthodox drugs that have a single ingredient, plant medicines contain many ingredients and may have several simultaneous therapeutic actions in the body. Similarly, other Dutch brands such as Jacob Hooy and VSM share a common heritage with natural health products and herbal medicines like A. Vogel. Other more modern Dutch brands such as Lucovitaal, Bional and Royal Green that appeal to a younger audience have been instrumental in making natural medicines more mainstream in the Netherlands and surrounding countries.

Natural medicines means that freshly kept herbs and plants are made into tablets, capsules and creams. The natural medicines product range nowadays includes products for strengthening the immune system, enhancing blood circulation, skin care, respiration, muscles and joints, digestive system and menstrual periods.

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