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Pick, pack and ship

How is the picking and packing process organized? 

Most of our customers do not live in the Netherlands. This makes the way each order is being packed even more important. Imagine the products are not properly protected, packed in a thin ordinary box and need to go from Amsterdam to a home in for example California. Pretty sure goods will arrive seriously damaged. Over the years, we have gained experience in how to ensure each order will arrive in perfect condition no matter how far the parcel needs to go. 

We very well understand you want to know how well we protect your desired products. Let us show you what we do after receiving your order! At our state-of-the-art facilities, the AutoStore robots will pick the products from stock and drop them onto the packing line. In-line they're being packed with utmost care. With the blink of an eye, your order is ready to ship to your home! Please watch our video below.


Your products are being packed and shipped with utmost care.

The outer carton used to pack your order is made of double layered corrugated cardboard. On the outside documents needed to comply with local customs are enclosed in a top quality sleeve. Typically this includes a pro-forma invoice and a packing slip. For shipping destinations like China, we will ensure that the address is not only stated in English characters but also in local characters. 

Inside, products are being packed depending on the type of products. For some specific products like milk powder and glass bottles, specialized packaging materials is used. For most other products, our standard procedure is to pack individual products in a small inner box. These boxes are put into the outer carton. And filling material is added to ensure your products cannot move and shake while being transported. 

As you can see in the example below, even precious chocolate eggs have arrived in perfect shape at the home of one of our customers in the UK. 


Milk powder cans: EPS protective packaging

Holland is famous for its top notch baby milk powder. In several countries worldwide, trustworthy top quality milk powder is not easy to find. That is why it is one of's top selling products. And we have developed a specific packaging procedure for all our milk poweder cans. Before they are put into the outer carton, we first put them in an EPS box. This light-weight material offers extreme protection.


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