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Oh so delicious....

The Dutch have been perfecting it for over centuries. It is the #1 desert you will come across in cafes, restaurant or simply at home. Here is how to make it!

All the Best People go Dutch

The Dutch might not be world famous for their cooking qualities, but when you are in Amsterdam, there is definitely some food you must try! Read more.

How Dutch Cheese is Made

Do you actually now what it takes to make the real Dutch cheese out of fresh milk? Read more!


Apple Pie- Original Dutch "Appeltaart"

The #1 desert you will come across at many cafes and restaurants in Holland. It is an old recipe which the Dutch have been perfecting for over centuries. Delicious to eat, and quite easy to make at home! 

Farmers Cake - Original Dutch "Boerencake"

Creamy and tasty! So easy to make, read how

Pancakes - Original Dutch "Pannenkoeken"

Pancakes are enjoyed all over the world these days, but the Dutch have a particular penchant for these treats. Read here how to make them the Dutch way!